Bridget Murray & Diana Ali


Bridget and Diana have made contact and we will be collaborating together with the practices of text and visuals which will be formed around the idea of correspondence. With each letter Diana writes to Bridget, Bridget will then translate the narrative into a visual illustrative format. Both are paper fiends and they are looking to evolve the letters and drawings into a fictional narrative collection.

Common Interests- locality, buildings, detail, fictional characters and narratives, observations from real life, still life, objects, photos, and other visuals, correspondence, postal systems, epistolary literature, the everyday and physical postal ephemera.

Image- Diana Ali

Correspondence 1: Dear Madam De Coeuer from M. Lambert (1912)
Correspondence 2: Dear Joshua from Anna Lewison (1812)
Correspondence 3: Dear Mr. R. Bakewell (1712)
Correspondence 4: Dear Mama (1612)
Correspondence 5: Dear Mr. Wolf (2012)
Correspondence 6: Dear Ms. Marque Petit (1512)

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